Stock NeuroMaster

Stock NeuroMaster 2.3

Generates stock trading forecasts based on data analysis
2.3 (See all)
Im[rove your stock trading strategy be creating predictions for buying and selling based on the data analyzed and processed by a neural network. The suite works with multiple profiles and trading models by generating reports for the correct time and type of recommended operations.

Stock NeuroMaster is a charting software for traders, investors and brokers, with stock prediction module based on Neural Networks, detailed trading statistics, very easy-to-use interface, free online stock quotes. It maximizes your trading profit and minimizes losses by predicting the best BUY/SELL moments for your favorite stocks.
Advanced technical analysis module offer the most important indicators. Data importing module allows you to create models using CSV data files or Metastock database. Stock NeuroMaster is highly tailored and specially developed for both professional stock traders and beginners.

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